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Brings Transparency Into Meme Culture.

Ethereum Based MemeCoin Movement promoting honesty, transparency and trust.

Hear the Truth

The Truth Inu is a big step toward a better space!

Inspired by the legendary communities of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, Truth Inu is carving out its niche by promoting honesty, transparency and trust.

This isn’t just another meme coin.
It’s a movement toward creating a space where every participant can feel safe and respected.

Truth Inu - The Truth God
Truth Inu Transparency

Truth Inu Is the most Transparent Dog of all Memecoins.

We are clear and open with the community about everything we do!

A safe Place
Truth Inu Safe Place

Truth Inu Stands As A Pillar of trust and Reliability

Our Community is built on the foundations of mutual respect and honesty.

Truth Inu Community Centric

Truth Inu is dedicated to foresting a supportive and engaging environment.

Inspired by the strongest communities in the World.


Truth Inu aims to build a powerful and long-lasting community where truth isn’t just a principle.

It’s a lifestyle.

Our mission is to inspire individuals in the crypto space to adopt transparency as their guiding force.

We’re not just about creating a meme; we’re about cultivating a culture where members feel secure and supported by a community that values integrity above all else.

Truth Inu Vision

Do You Like Our Vision?
Become Messiah and Share the Truth!

token Truth Inu


Ticker: $Truth

Chain: Ethereum

No Tax

Contract: 0xCF4C91ECaFc43C9F382DB723Ba20B82efa852821

total supply: 10000000000 $TRUTH

LP: 6800000000 $TRUTH 1 Year Lock
Anti-Snipe Wallet: 850000000 $TRUTH (Tokens Burnt)
Airdrop Wallet: 300000000 $TRUTH
Reserve/Ecosystem Wallet 1: 200000000 $TRUTH
Reserve/Ecosystem Wallet 2: 200000000 $TRUTH
Reserve/Ecosystem Wallet 3: 200000000 $TRUTH
Reserve/Ecosystem Wallet 4: 200000000 $TRUTH
Reserve/Ecosystem Wallet 5: 200000000 $TRUTH

Team Wallet: 200000000 $TRUTH (Tokens Burnt)
Binance Wallet: 200000000 $TRUTH
Coinbase Wallet: 200000000 $TRUTH
Bybit Wallet: 150000000 $TRUTH
OKX Wallet: 150000000 $TRUTH
Kucoin wallet: 150000000 $TRUTH